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Eyes Wide Open – Poem by Leslie Capel Werner

Eyes Wide Open

I can hear my silent scream bursting and pounding through my mind…
Feel tears flow freely down my face
In sorrow
Not only for me but also for you.

How do selfish hearts of our loved ones turn away from our suffering
As their time is spent meaningless
while people they claim to love are dying with their eyes wide open?

It is not their fault-they are also suffering the loss of us
Their fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers

Naruto Whirlpool, Awa Province, from the series Views of Famous Places in the Sixty-Odd Provinces Circa 1853

We all will go when it’s our time they say
But what about us whose time was robbed
By greedy people who put money before humanity?

I cry for me but more for you
Me the victim, you the perpetrator-
How dark your soul is
To profit from my suffering.

Do you really think the years you stole from me
Will be added to the sum total of your time spent living in the lap of luxury?

No, no, no-for surely as I surrender the last days of my life because of you
I will spend my eternity with God who loves me.
Surely, when your end draws near, the score will be settled
And you will die with your eyes wide open.

Open to see and feel the fire surround you, the sum total of it gathered from the burning you afflicted upon us.

Your greed will turn to desperate wanting for anything to soothe you but your cries will go unanswered
Because you stole everything we had.

Though dead you will feel our collective pinches and pulls and searing pain in your spiritual body’s groin
You will feel your phantom skin itch a zillion fold as the plastic seeks to escape but there is no way out.

Your skeleton will scream for the bundles of nerves that will be bound up in places to be relieved from where your pelvis use to be and still is.

You will see your victims that you damaged and violated off in the distance and you will beg for mercy but it will not come.

Telepathically we will transport to your mind all the memories of when we came to you for help and you knowingly took our lives in your hands and murdered us.

You will remember loud and clear, all of our faces and how we came back to you to share our suffering and beg for relief

Clearly you will remember your apathetic response as if it is amplified and then you will gaze upon our faces

As we stand together en masse and
Return our apathy to you.

Your suffering will be eternal
As you lie there forever
Dead with your eyes wide open.

Leslie Capel Werner – February 18, 2018

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