Our mission is to help women and men who suspect the problems they are having is due to mesh. The practice of medicine has changed over my lifetime and today’s doctors are under pressure from all directions and, sometimes, do not have our best interests at heart. Surgical implants for bladder problems can maim, hobble, cripple or kill but surgeons keep putting them in because they receive their information from salesmen these days. The sales representative tell the physicians that the risk of mesh implants is low and most complications are due to something else. The manufacturers, part of “Big Pharma” even blame the surgeons when things go wrong.  We’ve listened to patients, looked at some very convincing studies in highly respected medical journals, and discovered that the risk is much higher than doctors are telling their patients and the list of complications is, indeed, very long. This site is dedicated helping patients find out what is happening, surgeons who will help, and to offer support. Primum non nocere (First, do no harm).

CH401146 Girl in the Hammock, 1873 (oil on canvas) by Homer, Winslow (1836-1910); 34.3x50.8 cm; Private Collection; Photo © Christie's Images; American, out of copyright

  Girl in the Hammock, 1873 (oil on canvas) by Homer, Winslow (1836-1910) out of copyright


If you’d like to join an online support group and learn about erosion, partial removals, surgeons, or just find out that you are not alone, join Surgical Mesh or check the list of support groups here.

Subscribe to PelvicMeshOwnersGuide.com to learn more about pelvic mesh. I’d like to hear from you if you are helped by what you read here or if you need to know more about any particular topic. Comment below or email me privately at daywriter1@gmail.com..


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  1. Could you please add me to your list when you post on your blog. I love your info. Thx

  2. Thanks for all your hard work please add me to your list , your research and insight is so informative .Please keep us updated and any tips to keep us working !

  3. I spent 2 hours reading your page, I can only imagine the time you spent researching. Thank you for this. I appreciate it because I just happened to start googling Transvaginal mesh a week ago. I am still in shock that the very symptoms I have complained about for 6 years are the very ones every one else is experiencing.
    I am have been getting worse and experiencing pain that I can no longer tolerate and this pressure on my doctors has lead me to specialist.
    After being examined he advises I need to have the mesh removed. From reading the support group experiences and problems, I am more knowledgeable and I found the questions I need to ask prior to this surgery.
    I am so thankful to all of those who have paved the way to make my way easier. I say this with tears in my eyes and heart heavy with sadness for those that did not make it and prayers for healing for the rest of us. God bless you

    • I’m glad the page helps, Wanda. Transvaginal mesh causes problems in almost a third of people who have the implants. Before you have your mesh “removed” please take time to learn the difference between a partial removal and a full removal. there are less than a dozen surgeons we’ve found in the US who can do a full removal. Stay in touch as you go through this process, email when you need some help. Praying for you, too. Peggy daywriter1@gmail.com

  4. Can you add me to your list I love all the information thank you for your hard work all this information should read by all the woman or man that have mesh in planted

    • Thanks you for your encouraging words, Araceli. I’ll happily add you to the list. Hope some day everyone will learn about mesh before they get it.

  5. Please add me to your list. Your blog is excellent.

  6. Thank you so much for this blog.
    I have felt so all alone with this physical and emotional pain. Please add me as well.


  7. Been reading your site for a longggg time. Could you please add me to your list? TONS of great info. Thanks for all ur hard work xox Deanne (Dee)(TVT-O)

    • Sure will, Deanne. Glad the site is helpful to you. Looking forward to hearing how you are doing. Peggy

  8. Doreen Colledge

    Going through this at the moment… I could tell a few stories of what has been said to me over a number of years! |-O
    I’m still having consultants telling me it was the right thing to have it fitted in the first place and now having partial mesh removal the continuing deep pain in my groin is still ongoing but at no time have the consultants mentioned nerve damage….im sooooo worried and unhappy..Sorry.

    • You are welcome to share your stories privately if you like. (I’m working on a publication that includes personal stories and do not use anyone’s private stories without prior approval.) Have you found a doctor who can address your particular nerve injury? Please stay in touch. Peggy

  9. Thank you for this information. I am at the beginning of my journey of understanding my pelvic pain and what to do about the mesh in my body. Please add me to your list serve.

    • I’ll happily add you. I’ so sorry, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
      The holidays have been busy so I’m a bit behind. Expect more news soon!

  10. This is a great website. Lots of great information. I concur that the implanting physicians are ruled by Big Pharma. It’s quite ridiculous given the number of women this has affected.

  11. Barbara jean Sadler

    I am so glad I found this site. I have been in an inner hell and black hole since 2005. It has taken away 12 years of my life. I guess misery love’s company. Though, I would never wish my agony on anyone. But its so good to have support. I spent 12 hours in the e.r. last night and they could not help me. I was bleeding and felt like I had the worst U.T.I in my life while given birth to a mobster. The pressure was indescribable. The pain could not even be killed by morphine IV. I wanted to give up the pain was so bad. Now, have to go back to the surgeon who did a revision 30 days ago. No relief. So disappointed. Will the pain and suffering ever go away. I want to take my life back again. Its destroying me.

    • Yes, I will add you do the email list.
      So sorry this is your story, Barbara. Revisions often lead to more trouble like you describe. If you are interested, lets see if there is a different sugeon who can help. Please feel free send an email. Daywriter1@gmail.com

  12. Barbara jean Sadler

    please add me to the list if you would be so kind.

  13. I am so glad I found this website. I’m suffering so much and do not know where to turn. In 2007 I had bladder mesh put in during a hysterectomy. In February 2016, I started having pain in my rectum. I was told I had a rectocele and that the mesh was exposed. May 5, 2016 I had a rectocele repair and mesh removal. 6 weeks later I had another surgery and had a TVT sling put in. It also eroded so I had a revision and it eroded again so in December 2016, I had a sling made from. Y own tissue placed. 3 days after this surgery I started experiencing pain in my buttocks, down the back of my thigh and the outside of my calf and my foot goes numb on the top and I have pain around the ankle. I had seen 7-8 Physicians, had injections in my lumbar spine, hip joint, knee joint and nothing helps. I have to take pain medication all day just to function and it doesn’t even rid the pain. No one knows what to do for me. I’ve had numerous MRI’s (all normal) and the only option I’ve been given is to have a spinal cord stimulator put in me!!! Does anyone know who can help me. I live in Texas but will go wherever. I lost my home, my marriage of 23 years and I’m trying desperately to stay employed to take care of myself and my 13 year old daughter. I pray that someone will find this post and I can find some help. Thank you to everyone that has read my ongoing story

    • Sorry that your message was left for so long and you are suffering so much. Unfortunately, nerve damage is one of the most common and most debilitating complications from pelvic surgery, and particularly, mesh implants. It does sound like several different of your nerves were affected. Although nerve damage is long-lasting and in many cases permanent, I found that osteopathic treatments worked the best. Any chance you can find a pelvic osteopath near you?

  14. So pleased to have found this site…I too am starting to think the pain I have been experiencing is from the sling I had put in about 10 yrs ago. I am waiting to see my gyny and get her advise….please add me to any information you are sharing…thank you…Janette from Australia

    • So sorry that you had to suffer so long. Most gyns tend to blame anything else and ignore the mesh. I’ll add you to my mailing list. Thank you for your comments! Peggy

  15. B. Anna Shuford Spach

    I just refused to take yet another insulting settlement offer from AMS, and think Attorney’s going to drop me now too (can tell they just want their 40%+ & for me to get out of their hair!) I’m damaged, exhausted & am so in debt since my initial 2005 …was waiting for assistance from AMS “to get revision surgeries,” because I have not had insurance or funds to do so. Come to find out it’s backassward (sorry) only the women who “have had the money and/or insurance to get the revision surgeries” are the very 1’s that are exponentially rewarded in the settlement catagory/Matrix! Insanity-I’ve lost my home, the ability to ever remarry, have more children, suffer in pain & cannot get help medically, legally, etc. name it! Please add me- after 12 years finding even a site on my side….well, I’ll take it! God bless each 1 of you!

    • So sorry it came to this, Anna. You’re right, it’s all messed up. Sending prayers things will improve for you. Peggy

  16. Please add me. I’m a new comer and new to this journey that lies ahead. I have an eroded mesh that was implanted 2013. I’ve been told I have one of the “better” meshes. I’ve been experiencing problems that started in 2015 and am now in need of a removal. Your site has been an eye opener, extremely helpful and educational. Thank you!!

    • Hoping you’ve found help, Crystal, and that you are on your journey to get the mesh removed. Peggy

    • Hope you’ve been able to get some help. I’m glad the site helped. We are trying to get the word out to women that they are being shunned by most of the medical profession. The motive is obvious. Peggy

  17. Hi. I have just discovered your site and am finding it very interesting reading. I had mesh inserted in 2005, and all seemed good for a while. It did fix my incontinence, but now I’ve started having UTI’s which don’t seem to respond to antibiotics. I’m trying natural remedies – unsweetened cranberry juice, water water water, probiotics, but so far not getting rid of it. I also have intermittent pain in my lower abdomen and rectum, sometimes severe, which cannot be explained by ultrasound and other tests. I’m past menopause now, but have suffered severely with sweats for 10 years and still do, plus chronic aching in joints etc, and general malaise. I’m now wondering if any of these things can be related to the mesh? What do you think?

    • So sorry it’s taken me a month to respond. Please forgive me. With your symptoms, I’d suspect you may have a bladder erosion. Those often can’t be seen by ultrasound, cystography, CT, MRI or x-ray. For many, the only way to diagnose it is to operate and look at the outside wall of your urethra and bladder. A very few specialists will diagnosis it from hearing your story and then doing a manual vaginal exam. If it is eroded, the only solution is removal. Be careful who you choose, though.
      With the vast majority (I’d estimate over 95%) of surgeons denying that mesh causes problems and only 1% of complications reported to the FDA, I believe there are a whole lot more women (and some men) suffering the same things you are. Please consider joining a group I run to find others just like you, https://www.facebook.com/groups/SURGICALMESH.Private/.

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