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  1. My pain has always traveled up the back right where you bend and had every one at UCLA trying to explain not in the back but the groin but I could not imigine this pain in your groin area so pain does show in other places and yes have had what I thought all mesh taken out by Dr Raz at UCLA and yet twice was told, even the last one, where I could have died but didn’t but would never go back to him again just because he quotes every where you can no heal till you get that mesh out and yes originally I had erosions and severe problems noted but was so upset when requested all medical info since the way things happened the second one with a Hematoma being split open in the Recovery Room with all the blue hats and masks still on and all of them around my feet holding me down in order to cut this open while this whole time I now know what it might be like surrounded on the way out of life. But the shock to know I still have this mesh in me is sick and I have permant pain now that will never go away as total damage and try living like this as you really have no ideal how you will be till you wake up each day and believe me very few good days ever. Why the lie and why the abuse when questioned some issues after coming home. I need now to get this out if possible as it has gotten so bad pain wise and going to people who will not even say the word and do not treat this issue period. It is pure HELL

  2. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your website is a wealth of information. Bless you and your efforts to help us through this nightmare.

    • Thank you, Jose for your words of encouragement. It is my hope that nobody will every have to suffer pelvic mesh injury and pain alone and, in an ideal world, pelvic mesh goes to the same place the dalkon shield went (gone).

  3. My right foot started burning after I pulled bladder and rectal sling. Now the pain is going up, not down. Immediately told radiculopathy. This was an issues years ago; started up and especially bad when I’m lying on area of tailbone and recutm.

    • Yes, the nerves to your feel have to travel through your pelvis. When your pelvis is disturbed, those types of nerve damage are common. So sorry you are dealing with so much.

  4. I can identity with all but one of these areas of pain since having two types of mesh removed. Pain increases weekly, mobility decreases. This I will take to next doctor appointments to help explain where the pain is located. Maybe this will help them understand!

    Thank you!

    • I hope it helps and I hope your pain will begin to decrease and you’ll be getting around better soon. Keep in touch. Peggy

  5. Sandra segarra

    I under stand what you mean I have had any surgerys doctors lie about my situation I have a bladder sling an I in hell every day lord help us all !

    • I am so sorry about your pain. I hope you can have it removed soon. It is never ideal and most likely your body will not return to where it was before the implant, but it helps most people. Sending hopes for a better day. Peggy

  6. I need a doctor in Austin, Tx who will take medicaid and help me with transvaginal mesh problems. Worse prolapse, peripheral neuropathy, pain.
    Please help.

  7. What about the area right above your knee; the thigh area? Electrical impulses, heightened if I’ve been active that day, but occurs during periods of inactivity (while in bed).

    • I will add a picture of all the nerve areas in your leg. I think a doctor would have to examine you to find out what is causing the electrical impulses.

  8. Hi, My mum has been suffering excruciating pain for the last 4 years due to mesh surgery. She was hoping to be able to take the medical marijuana for the pain so I was wondering if anyone has had any success with it? If not, is anyone having any success with pain management and what are they taking/doing to relieve the pain?
    Thank you

    • There are many people who have used CBD oil with success. As long as the mesh is still inside, it is causing inflammation. Has your mum considered having it removed?

  9. Wondering if anyone has issues with bowel movements. A year straight everything I ate went right through me. Now I can’t push it out! And bearing down hurts horribly. I feel like I did a million sit
    Ups the day before. I even bought one of those “potty stools”..
    I spend hours in the bathroom in excruciating pain, so embarrassing.

    • It is hard to say from the vantage point of a computer, whether your bowel problems are a normal part of aging (happens to so many older people) or if it is because your pelvic mesh or scar tissue is putting a bend in your rectum and not allowing the stool to come through. Hope you’ll consider a diet rich in fiber and devoid of sugar and processed flour. If you need laxatives, start with the lowest dose that works because your body gets used to them and ends up depending on them. So sorry this happened.

  10. I have TVTO mesh gynacure? 2007 implanted for sui. It has of course eroded and explains my years exploring pain with chiropractor osteopath physiotherapist and depression anxiety. Not working now. Require removal on wait list here in Ontario Canada . What can I do to cope til then I’m only taking low dose Tylenol. Hate drugs but maybe try cbd oil. My gp doesn’t make referrals for second opinion I’m 59

    • I remember going through that wait. It’s so difficult. The thing that helped me the most was getting into some water. I found if I floated in a swimming pool, I could move my body into positions that didn’t hurt as much and it would get me through another few days.
      Pay attention to what makes it better and what makes it worse. Then you can try to help yourself. I am also a believer in a cathartic good cry every once in a while!

  11. Hi everyone. Has anyone experienced problems with muscle cramps in inner thigh groin area down to above knee and up into hip in almost a twisting feeling? And constant tailbone pain. And constant pain in my left butt cheek. It feels honesty like my meat is adhered to the bone. My body had been rejecting the mesh but I didn’t know it and started twisting inside me and got tore out on the right side by my now X bf pens in 2011 (this would explain the tinge of blood when we would have intercourse) and I had to have the rest of it removed except the arms and anchors are still in me. I truly believe this left sided butt and tailbone issue is from getting it pulled towards the right but I can’t find a Dr who even knows how to look for mesh! They did a pelvic ultrasound but I don’t have it there anymore the arms are all wrapped around whatever they’re wrapped around! FRUSTRATED for sure!!!

    • Where are you? I may be able to help you find a surgeon who can help you find it. Ultrasounds are worthless if the operator doesn’t know how to read it. So sorry for your suffering. Peggy

  12. I am having the surgery next Tuesday. I had my preop yesterday. As the doctor was going over everything with me she mentioned the possibility of sciatica pain after the surgery. She said if I have pain after the surgery she will immediately remove the mesh. She will secure the mesh (she said its shaped like a Y) to my hips? Does that sound right? Im freaking out. I hate the prolapse and the problems associated with it but the thought of all of the other issues that “could” happen with this surgery has me second guessing my decision. She said 90% of the people who have this surgery are very happy with the results. I actually know two people who had it done and have had no complications. Any input is appreciated.

    • I’m sorry that I was unable to respond sooner, I was undergoing medical problems myself. Please let me know what happened. You’re welcome to email me at Those “y” shaped meshes cause more problems than others for many more women than your surgeon knows about. The numbers reported to the FDA reflect the tip of the iceberg and, after all those women won all those lawsuits, your surgeon should know better. Praying you had a good outcome if you had the surgery. Peggy

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