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When Bleeding After Mesh Surgery is Urgent

When dealing with “mesh trouble,” you deserve to take good care of yourself, especially after surgery. One of the most common questions women ask is about post-operative bleeding.
Pelvic mesh surgery is a very common procedure and most people have a normal, healthy recovery. Surgical areas in the pelvis and bladder are, by design, rich in blood vessels. A certain amount of vaginal bleeding is common—but too much bleeding is a problem, especially after surgery to remove a bladder sling or transvaginal tape. Those surgeries are done vaginally, abdominally or through groin incisions and involve a higher risk of postoperative bleeding.
Normal post operative bleeding is like a period and tapers off over time and can last up to six weeks. Occasionally, especially in the first week of healing, you may experience an episode of heavy bleeding when you stand up or after urinating or moving your bowels or when you are doing too much. Resting and taking lots of fluid can help.
Call your doctor if you bleeding is heavier than a menstrual period, completely soaks a large sanitary pad within an hour, or heavy bleeding continues for more than one hour.
Hemorrhage is rare but can become life-threatening. If you feel your bleeding is becoming out of control, make sure someone is with you. Symptoms of hemorrhage include feeling light-headed, become pale, clammy, confused, or passing out. Seek immediate treatment or call 9-1-1.
Pelvic surgery is major surgery and the most important thing is to allow yourself time to rest, time to heal. Read that book you’ve been meaning to get to. Make sure you drink plenty of liquids and gradually build yourself up with gentle exercise. Come back again to and let’s work together to keep healthy and keep you free from Mesh TroublesMESH IS NOT FOR MOVING BODIES