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Mesh Patient’s Bill of Rights

1) I have the right to considerate and respectful treatment in recognition of my individuality and personal preferences.

2) I have the right to be treated with dignity.

3) I have the right to quality care and treatment that is fair and free from discrimination.

4) I have the right to every consideration of privacy during examination, case discussion, consultation, and treatment.

5) I have the right to privacy in my room and during medical treatment and personal care.

6) I have the right to privacy of my personal and health records.

7) I have a right to obtain my medical records — including doctors’ notes, medical test results, and other documentation related to my care.

8) I have the right to request an amendment to my medical record if I believe it is inaccurate or incomplete.

9) I have the right to obtain relevant, current, and understandable information concerning my diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

10) I have the right to informed consent with clear explanations of the risks and benefits prior to my participation.

11) I have the right to make decisions about my care prior to and during my treatment.

12) I have the right to participate in designing my care plan and treatment.

13)   I have the right to refuse a recommended treatment to the extent permitted by law and hospital policy.

14) I have the right to be informed of any potential medical consequences of my refusal.

15) If I refuse any care or treatment, I remain entitled to all other appropriate care and services.

16) I have the right to be free from verbal, physical, sexual, or mental abuse, corporal punishment, neglect, or involuntary seclusion.

17) I have the right to refuse any drugs that affect my mind, except in an emergency situation.

18) I have the right to refuse any restraints used for the purpose of discipline or staff convenience.

19) I have the right to food of the quantity and quality to meet my needs and preferences.

21) I have the right to the presence of a relative, friend, or other representative to act on my behalf when I am unable to do so myself.

22) I have the right to know the identity of physicians, nurses, and others involved in my care, including product representatives, students, residents, or other trainees.

23) I have the right to refuse treatment by any product representative, student, resident or other trainee.

24) I have the right to know the immediate and long-term financial implications of treatment choices, insofar as they are known.

25) I have the right to voice complaints or grievances without fear of retaliation.

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