Pelvic Mesh Owner’s Guide is written by a women’s health activist who is currently working with women who were injured by transvaginal mesh. She was implanted with pelvic mesh eight years ago and underwent two revisions for severe complications. She leads several support groups for the mesh-injured offering tips, support, and translating complicated medical language into ordinary English.
The author discovered her love for medical research in the dusty bowels of the Yale University Medical Library, digging out obscure data from the annals of medicine. Her experience as a Statistical Assistant gave her the skills to evaluate peer-reviewed medical studies.
As a registered nurse, she worked for twenty years in busy emergency rooms where she focused on women’s health and conducted gentle and compassionate rape crisis interviews and examinations. She learned normal and abnormal pelvic physiology as a natural childbirth educator and lay-midwife.
She spent recent years volunteering as a television scriptwriter and executive producer, with two award-winning television shows, and appearing on local radio and television programs. She writes for the Pulitzer Prize-winning Point Reyes Light. Currently, she helps victims with her blog, Pelvic Mesh Owner’s Guide, and manages several online support groups where she provides individual help to surgical mesh victims. Her background, abilities, and determination to help mesh injured women make her ideally suited to write Pelvis In Flames, a work in progress. Please address inquiries to daywriter1@gmail.com

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  1. Would you please add me to your mailing list. Thank you.

  2. thank you for speaking out for us you have hit the nail on the head completely

  3. thank you for signing me up.

  4. Great blog….thanks for all the research. I will definitely keep checking back for updates. This is such a long hard road and nice to know we aren’t traveling alone. Are you mesh injured as well?

    • Hi Gina, Thank your for the compliment and encouragement. Yes, I am mesh injured. As I mentioned in my bio, I’ve traveled this road, but I don’t want this blog to be “all about me,” if you know what I mean. 😉

  5. Great blog. Keep up the good work!

  6. Tara Gillen-Howie

    Love this very informative blog, filled with much insight, and research. You’ve put a lot of time and energy into this, and it shows! I’ll be checking back more often now that I know it’s here!
    Thank you Peggy!

  7. Hi Peggy;
    Great page! My mother is mesh-injured and is also a retired R.N. BSN. She was an ER Nurse Manager for many years.

  8. Peggy: I’ve sent your blog to family to help understand what is going on with me. Thank you so much for your work and ongoing support!

  9. I am in the UK, injured by TVT mesh in 2009 and ‘very’ little is being said here, all ‘top secret’, i have not received good follow up care for my injuries. Your articles are such an inspirational and informative read. I had anatomy/physiology education so i have studied as much as i could, and this confirms so many of my conclusions. Thank you so much now i know this is not in my mind!

  10. Your Blog has been so helpful to me as I have struggled like many to wade between the deception of our personal health. I just recently had my fifth surgery, hopefully last with the removal. I can say from the very beginning back in 2007 when this nightmare began I did very little research, as I trusted my doctor since he was the professional. I have learned so much since then and embarrassed how trusting and naïve I was. One of the things that helped me understand my pain was to see a visual diagram and read the instructions how one of the devices is implanted. It made so much sense when I could look at the picture and associate it with the nerve pain and damage I feel daily. I had to dig pretty deep in the internet to find the particular device used on me. Is there a place on your blog that has the different diagrams for all the different products and I just missed it? If not it would be so helpful if you added it. I have total of 4 different products in me and am still searching for visuals on the other 3. Thank you for all you do

    • Thank you for your kind words, Kim.
      I like the suggestion to have a section here where we can link different devices to detailed information about the devices. We’ll work on that. If you want to send me the names of your other devices privately, email: daywriter1@gmail.com. Will try to find even the lost diagrams.

  11. Sheryl Teague

    As a fellow nurse (and unfortunately a mesh sister whose career was ended due to my pelvic mesh injuries)…please add me to your site.

    • Hi Sheryl, I’m sorry that you’ve joined a large group of nurses who believed in what we were taught and that you suffer. Yes, I’ll add you. Peggy

  12. Could you add me to your email list. It’s a great page and has helped me through a lot of issues

    • I will happily add you to the mailing list. The holidays distracted me a bit and I apologize for responding so late. New Years resolution: Answer quicker!

  13. Please add me to your email list. Thank you.

  14. Could you please add me to your mailing list. Such a helpful site. I had a TOT in 2013 and was told i had obturator nerve damage, but I don’t think this is accurate now looking at your images. Will show this to my surgeon who’s removing the plastic shortly. Thank you!

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