This is Why You Hurt with Mesh Inside by Stacy Dean Seymour

Today’s blog is by a guest host: Stacy Dean Seymour

Why we hurt?
The anchors are thread through the sacrospinous ligament that parallels the pudendal nerve and branches. (Nerve damage) They are anchored with a grommet on both sides of pelvis. This is why you have pelvic pain, hip pain and every pain, as well as lower back pain. Then two more needles are thread through blindly ( by touch and expert: cough cough) to both sides of obturator foramen. This is why you are unable to sit, your hips are killing and your bum feels like glass is in it.

And as time goes by- providing you didn’t wake up in the PACU hanging from the ceiling saying “WTF” the mesh tightens as you heal, it calcifies like hard melted plastic, and or when you heal your body heals from the inside out and eventually rejects it and or begins the protrusion into your orifices. Your bodies autoimmune response kicks in immediately and produces killer cells-that begins another cascade of immuno response! I can’t sleep tonight and saw a few new people and took my nursing knowledge, research and personal experience of WTF happened to me. I hope this helps and sometimes visualizing is the best way to understand a process. I wish you all well and hope we all can find peace in some shape or form. – Stacy Dean Seymour

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6 responses to “This is Why You Hurt with Mesh Inside by Stacy Dean Seymour

  1. Is this the same situation with abdominal mesh?

    • The mesh is the same as hernia mesh. There are differences in how it is placed inside the body. Hernia mesh can attach to healthy organs and cause major health issues.

  2. Do you know about complications from the mesh anchors that are left after bladder mesh removal due to erosion? Are you aware of anyone having severe cramping down both inner thighs and up into hips in almost a twisting fashion with hip and tailbone pain?

    • Yes, the remaining mesh can continue to cause cramping. Also, there can be damage from previous surgeries to nerves causing similar pain. Peggy

  3. Hello
    I just had rectal prolapsed mesh surgery 5.5 weeks ago. I noticed nerve pain last friday and by this monday it felt like someone was cutting me with a razor blade in my vagina and rectum. I contacted the dr 8 times and there only advice is to take a bath….. The pain honestly never goes away. I feel like I am going mad.

    • It sounds like you may have a mesh erosion, possibly into your rectum or vagina. I’d recommend finding a good urogynecologist to see you and give a second opinion. No amount of bathwater would heal this. Erosion is much more common than the FDA or the makers admit. The number is way undercounted because doctors like yours prevent women from getting an accurate diagnosis. Feel free to email me at for names of surgeons who can diagnose you properly, hopefully near to you. So sorry you were injured after thousands of women won settlements for just the same thing. It should be off the market!

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