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2 responses to “Can You Help Keep Pelvic Mesh Owner’s Guide Going?

  1. Kimberly Fins

    My name is Kimberly. I read your article today & I feel like I need to ask something of you. I had a second appointment today & the pelvic mesh is eroding through and must be removed. Here’s where your article comes in to play I have been in debilitating pain for months. All throughout my legs with my feet being the worst. I have been to the foot doctor twice. A tapering dose of corticosteroids helped briefly. He can find nothing physically wrong with my feet. After reading your article I’m beginning to wonder if this can be tied to the situation I’m having with the mesh. The doctor said it is eroding through and being rejected causing other symptoms. Is there any information that you can email to me that you may have gathered as a nurse and observing this that would help me? This pain has truly affected my life over the last 6 months. Any thing you have or can educate me with would be greatly appreciated. In turn I will go on your PayPal account at some point and donate a tip. I know you don’t do this for free and it helps people. I truly appreciate anything you can send to me. God bless you.

    • Kimberly, I am sorry that you are huritng so much. And I’m sorry this response is so late. I’m just now finding your questions.
      Have you peeked at the page about “>peripheral neuropathy? It’s very common after pelvic mesh.
      I’d suggest you do what I did. Go to and search for articles to take to your doctor. Most are mis-educated about mesh by sales representatives. Hope you find ease.

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