Partial Pelvic Mesh Removal — Wrong Solution to Permanent Problem

Your surgeon says he or she can snip the part of the mesh sling they can see, a quick operation and you’ll be better. Or says he can cut it to release it because it was put in too tight. Or, he promises a full removal but the operation takes less than an hour and, if the parts go to pathology, most of the mesh is still not accounted for.

Women who knowingly or unknowingly have partial removal surgery come to regret it. They issue strong warnings for the lucky women who read or search for answers online before signing up for a partial removal. Thousands of Urogynecologists and Urologists do partial removals. The very people who profit from mesh tell those specialists how to handle complaints: just cut a little out. Some heartless doctors cut it right there in the office with no anesthesia whatsoever.

The woman who have been through this tell newcomers not to allow a surgeon to cut bits and pieces of mesh but to leave it whole for a qualified surgeon with the skills to necessary to remove the entire device in one operation. They warn that doctors are not telling the truth about those partial surgeries.

Frayed rope is like sliced mesh

Partial removal can be a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Nearly everyone gets temporary relief after a partial surgery. When a rope breaks, the ends fray. That’s what happens with partials. All the ends leak toxic chemicals, stirring up a immune storm inside your body and spring back, eventually attaching to other parts of your vagina, bladder, intestines, bones, nerves, and blood vessels. After a year or two, you develop new symptoms and go looking for a doctor who can help. More than 99% of board certified surgeons will do another partial. Some women have dozens of surgeries before finding help from advocacy groups.

Be very careful. Get the whole thing out in any way you can because you are in the best possible shape to have a good outcome when your surgeon goes after the whole thing and it’s still intact! When mesh is cut, the next surgeon must go searching for shreds of it. They compare that surgery to trying to get bubble gum out of hair or searching for shrapnel.


If your surgery took less than four hours, consider that it may not be a complete removal, get your medical and surgical records and your pathology report. Learn the dimensions of your implant and ask for an accounting for every piece of it. Before your explant surgery, demand a micro and macro pathology be done. Afterward, get those reports!

We’ve found only five surgeons in the U.S. who consistently prove they removed complete pelvic mesh including arms or anchors (fixation devices):

  • Shlomo Raz, UCLA
  • Dionysis Veronikis, St. Louis, MO
  • Una Lee, Seattle WA
  • Dmitriy Nikolavsky, Syracuse, NY
  • Michael Hibner, Phoenix, AZ

The surgery is very risky but research has shown that is in no more risky that partial removals.

Beware of sugeons loan companies Beware of Mesh News

Peggy Day is working on a book to combine all these stories. This is an excerpt from Pelvis in Flames: Your Pelvic Mesh Owner’s Guide. Your input is welcome to help make Pelvis in Flames the book you need to read.

If you’d like to join an online support group and learn about erosion, partial removals, surgeons, or just find out that you are not alone, join my group, Surgical Mesh or check the list of support groups here.

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17 responses to “Partial Pelvic Mesh Removal — Wrong Solution to Permanent Problem

  1. I had eroision the Dr (. Female) kept stating only removal what fell out. Three more total since then. Please get a full..Dr lie. They are in it to mak money as well. They compare mesh to grass frowing through a screen breaks off damages other organs leaking out toxins

    • So many people have what happened to you, Cher. You’re right, there is a lot of money in repeated surgeries. Sad state of affairs.

  2. Does Dr Michael higher accept centtineal, medicade, ins, ?

  3. Great story , I’ve been so sick since the mesh was put in and had a partial removal. February 29, 2016, Dr.Lennox Hoyte, Tampa did a full removal including arms / anchors…..I have a picture of my mesh removed…and I am extremely happy with the results. I still have my illnesses, but no mess! 😊

    • Thank you, Renae for adding another name to the surgeons who are willing to completely remove mesh. Hope you are feeling better now. Please keep us updated about how you are!

    • Renae did he do removal robotically?
      I would love to see pictures of removal. I have heard from others he only does partials.

  4. Thank you for all the great information on this site. Renae, I am glad to find someone that has used Dr.Hoyte – for surgery. I would love to chat more with you offline. I am trying to decide about partial removal with Hoyt. I am told a full removal is too dangerous with biologic mesh. I have Pelvilace -surgery in 2013. If anyone has information on this type I would love to hear from you. I am new to these blogs and trying to get as much information as possible. I have been in excruciating pain for a year and half…seen many, many docs and had so many medical tests…. and very scared of the risks of another surgery.

    • Julie, Keep looking. 4 million women who have any kind of pelvic mesh hear the same story – that it’s too dangerous to remove mesh. Well, it is risky., but thousands are getting theirs removed. “The person who says it can’t be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.” – Chinese Proverb

  5. Unfortunatly no competent mesh removal DRs in Australia…. Some women have no choice but to have it trimmed ( myself ) as it has come through the vaginal wall and is quite low that it can be easily felt. It feels just like razor blades cutting you up inside then bleeding

    • So proud of Australian anti-pelvic mesh advocates who are in front of the Senate as I write this. And they are leaving no stone unturned trying to get Dr. Veronikis to Australia to train more surgeons!

  6. No no no! It’s a must to get all the sling out first go,while any part of it is still inside you, you won’t get any relief and still have all pain and infections ! I have been down that road😬

    • So many women have gone down that road, too, Debbie. With a competent surgeon, pelvic mesh can be removed in one go. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  7. I want to know if you have had mesh out only a little left due to close to bowel. Why pelvis pain burning feeling in thighs bad lower back pains infections all time. Can only stand correctly without pain for about 4 hours a day then useless. So many visits to Doc, Gyno’s, hospitals. Would MRI’S be able to pick up nerve damage or what ever damage.

    • Lots of questions.
      A bowel surgeon could probably take your mesh out of your intestinal tract but gyn’s and urologists, just leave it there. Some do call in bowel surgeons to operate at the same time.
      The buring in the thighs and lower back may be due to nerve injuries.
      The infection (URIs) because of bacteria or the position of your urethra?
      There are some tests that help identify nerve damage like Electromyleograms and MRI’s sometimes are helpful if they find an impinged nerve. The best way to diagnose a nerve problem is with a good doctor who can assess your carefully. Hope any of this helps.

  8. Don’t go down the road of partial removal. I am having incredible pain even though the op done 15 years ago . It is getting worse and now bladder function affected . This is not what I wanted to end my life in constant pain . Morphine patches not helping,codeine helps me sleep with less pain .

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