Welcome to Your Pelvic Mesh Owners Guide

Your doctor said, “It can’t be the mesh. It isn’t the mesh.” But your troubles began soon after you had mesh (bladder sling, or pelvic mesh or mini tape) implanted. You’ve been referred to pain specialists, neurologists, bowel surgeons, urologists, physical therapist, even a psychiatrist but your pain is not getting any better. That’s the trouble with mesh.

The practice of medicine has changed over my lifetime. There is no such doctor Mesh is for Butterfliesas Marcus Welby anymore. Today’s doctors are under pressure from all directions and, sometimes have forgotten that you expect them to have your best interest at heart. Inserting a pelvic sling, (TVT, TOT, etc.) is a quick procedure and a money maker for your doctor and, although the implants have been found defective and some recalled when things go terribly wrong: hobbling, crippling or even killing you, you’re told “It is not the mesh.”

Unlike Dr. Welby’s days, surgeons now get their information from salesmen, and the sale representative told your doctor the the risk from mesh implants is low. When things go wrong manufacturers, also known as “Big Pharma,” point their fingers at a defective patient or even have the temerity to blame the surgeon himself. Nobody wants to look at the truth. That was, until patients began to get together and compare notes. That’s when mesh problems came to the light of day. Welcome and we hope you soon will be packing up your “troubles in your old kit bag…”

10 responses to “Welcome to Your Pelvic Mesh Owners Guide

  1. thank you for the honesty, finally!

  2. Recently my opened wound from infection after a TVT Exact Mesh removal has finally closed after 9 – 10 weeks of various wound dressings, and 2 weeks of a wound vac. What are the chances of this area becoming infected again now that it is closed?

  3. A Brilliant report. After a POP and 2 tapes 8 years ago I am in a worse
    position now, having started with a light leekage to bladder and anus.
    I am now 73 and feel time is running out. A perminant ban of MESH is required to protect our younger Generation.

    • Keep coming back, Helen, there is much more to write about and my goal is 3 blogs a week. I’m hoping at least some of them can help you. 73 is too young to quit hoping!

  4. Sharon Roczynski

    I am 77 and had mesh put in 13 years ago. I have had so many problems with the mesh, on the right side. I was told the mesh is embedded in my pubic bone and would be too traumatic & impossible to remove now. The incontinence is worse then before the surgery! The FDA should abolish the mesh, the risks are too high!

    • I’m so sorry you’ve lived through this. I do know there are surgeons who will remove the screws from your pubic bone. Because most don’t know how or won’t take the time or the risk (rightfully so if they are not skilled), they say it’s impossible. Yes, mesh must be banned.

  5. what are the risks of having the mesh removed I have had it 15 years and I am 70 years old,,the Dr said I should be OK but the more I read the more scared I get What are the risks of leaving the meshing at my age as to having it removed..

    • There are risks and naturally, the older we are, the more risk there is. If your doctor is planning to put you under and then cut out pieces of your mesh, run for the hills. 99% of removal surgeons do this and it set you up for new problems. Make sure your doctor knows how to remove your mesh in its entirety.

      Major risks of removal surgeries are new injuries to nerves and organs, hemorrhage, infection, and the normal complications to any major operation and anesthesia. Remember that everyone approaching the time of a major surgery gets the heebie-jeebies! Try keeping yourself safe and calm in the days before surgery.

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